Tuesday, August 15, 2017

I'm Still Alive, People

I've been EXTREMELY busy with school starting up.  It has been a bit more overwhelming than expected.  In fact, my feelings reflect the children in this photo and the one not in it.  Basically, don't look at me, I'm tired, and I'm in bed.  Well, I wish I was in bed.  I can't sleep during the school year.  I wake up and think about all of the things that need to be done.  Educating children is fun, but it's a hard job.  So, I promise to be more active as soon as I recover from all of the beginning of school year stuff.  

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Summer Is Over...long post

So, you all should remember the post where I posted all of our summer goals.  So, let's go over each one.

*Swim 1 mile a day…okay, that one was more difficult than it seemed.  Mostly because I had to swim after the sun went down.  It was too darn bright to swim at 3 pm.  I did manage to swim 3/4 a mile when weather allowed.  There were some days that it was storming so badly only an idiot would jump into the pool and swim.

*Next Goal:  Not let my hair turn green.  It didn't and I actually cut my own bangs. The stupid selfie camera makes more forehead appear larger than it is.

*Go on a huge hike:  Well, that didn't pan out.  We did do the Pine Trail at Aguirre Springs.  I nearly died made it through just fine.  It was really hot and much steeper than I planned on.

*Organize the garage:  We organized the heck out of the garage.  It took five days and a load to the dump.  It also took two loads to Savers for donations, but we did it.  Then, all of the remaining things were on the kitchen table.  It took me two weeks to clear it off, but its done!

*Grill like crazy: Yes, we grilled a lot of food.  I have more pictures, but they are on Erik's phone.  He's on Instagram as @grill_new_mexico

*Have fun...We did have a lot of fun.  I really enjoy the boys more and more each day.  I think it's because it's not so hectic anymore.  When you are going through the diapers and crying, it's so overwhelming..  Actually, when we cleaned out the garage we found and old video camera and we found priceless videos. Both Erik and I cried a little bit because it went by so fast, faster than we could keep up with.  As the boys get older and less demanding, I feel its easier to just slow down and enjoy them.  They are funny.  They are in love with The Office and I can't fault them on that because its the best...That's what she said, Ha.

Happy End of Summer.  It was great!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Something Crafty

I know one of my goals this summer was to be crafty.  I've done a little bit of that.  Remember, I bought this journal?  I have done quite a bit of pages, and some of them will remain private.  I feel like this journal allows me to be more personal and to share more personal thoughts.  Therefore, some of them will just be for us.  But, I wanted to share these layouts with you today.  They aren't flat because I didn't want to have my hands in the picture holding them down.  I hope you enjoy them and that you feel inspired to make a journal for your family too.  

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Donors Choose: Hands on Math

Hey everyone!  I've finally gotten to posting my Donors Choose Project.  I am asking for math manipulatives for my classroom.  For the least three years, I've had none.  I've had to borrow them or make them myself.  I've also purchased some them.  I'm sharing my project here, in case you wish to donate or even just share the project.  Sharing is caring, ha!


That's the link to my project.  If you wish to make a donation you can use the code, LIFTOFF and they will double your donation up to $50.  Thanks everyone. I really wouldn't share this here, but I'm sort of desperate for the supplies.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Story of the Pie

When I was a kid my grandfather would make a peach pie every Sunday.  I would sit there and watch him while he peeled and sliced the peaches.  He'd also roll out an extra piece of dough and fill it with brown sugar and cinnamon for my grandmother.

Years later, when I grew up, I asked my grandfather for his recipe.  He couldn't remember it.  I really can't blame him because it was never written down.  As I sat as a child and watched, he sort of just threw everything together.  Each Sunday we just ended up with this great peach pie.  It was stored in my grand parent's kitchen cabinet too, on top of their plates.  It wasn't refrigerated.

This summer we finally got peaches off of our peach tree.  There weren't a ton because predators such as our dogs hunt for them on our tree.  Oh, and the birds…but mostly the dogs.  Our yard is littered with peach pits.  The boys have been eating them, too.

Anyhow, the peaches were so good.  So sweet.  I was inspired to make a pie just like my grandfather did.  So, we all worked on it.  I followed several recipes.  There was really no rhyme or reason to it.  I feel that's fitting because no recipe was ever followed for Sunday pie.

The taste tester

Mixing it all up.

I'm really, really bad at dough.  Any kind of dough, so Erik had to take over.  Okay, I actually begged Erik to fix my disaster, and he did. He always takes care of everything.

Right before the pie goes into the oven.  I'm totally winging this BTW.  

Even Maddie is proud of it. 

Overall, it was delicious. We did a great job on the filling. It tastes like my grandfather's. We need to work on the crust, though. Seeing how this is the first attempt at homemade pie from scratch, we're pretty happy with it.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Aguirre Springs Hike

This week we went for a hike at Aguirre Springs.  We've been there a lot but have never ever come close to completing the Pine Trail Hike.  Mostly, it was because the boys were too little to do it.  So Tuesday morning, I asked the kids if they felt they could complete a 4.2 mile hike.  They all agreed they could.  They had no idea what they signed up for.


Maddie packed stuff to collect moss...including charcoal and a mister.

It was so hot.  I mean I sweat like I've never sweat before.  We lost the trail and had to do a lot of climbing but it was fun. 

The beginning when the children were happy.

The view from 6, 830 feet up.  

And our family photo at the top. Thank god this photo was blurry and my face was shaded.  My face was so red from the heat.  It wasn't pretty.  The children look half alive...and they were only half alive at this point.    

All joking aside, I'm glad we did this. It was fun and it was hard.  It was a really beautiful hike too.  I can see us doing this again.  It's really fun to have these adventures with the kids.  I'm really enjoying them as they get older.  They are funny and get our stupid jokes.  Plus, they sign up for this stuff ha.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Freedom and Creativity!

It's so weird that I have a million words that are ready to come out on this blog because for the last two years there has been nothing.  Moving to a new job was really hard.  It really suffocated me.  It suffocated who I am and all of my creativity.  There was so much pressure on me to just even keep my job. Seriously, I was almost cut this year with the budget.  I was the third person in line out of the two that got cut before me.  I'm so glad I made the choice to start up my photography again because I really think it helps me to be...well me.  I am really so happy.  I feel renewed and ready to go. I'm excited to share photos and crafty stuff.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Summer Update/Around Here

Hey everyone!  I thought I'd give you all a summer update.  I will post a complete bullet point update at the end of summer but I figure I should just touch base for now.  Summer is slipping away at a rapid pace...insert crying jag.

So far this summer, I've been really busy.  I'm restarting my photography business.  I've spent a lot of time building my portfolio and website.  I will share it as soon as I'm happy with it.  I hoping for a fall debut.  Its been really nice to have so much support from past clients and people in general that just want to help out....free photos.  I've learned a lot and I'm really happy about that.

The kids are fighting...I'm sure you picked that up from a previous post.  But I'm telling you it is like level 10 fighting.  In fact, I went on a shoot today and my friend was late.  I really enjoyed the peace and quiet as I waited for her and her kids to arrive.  I almost wanted to tell Erik they were an hour late so I didn't have to go home but alas we had last minute dinner plans with his family.

Oddly, my dogs are shedding like crazy.  I'm not sure what brought this on because it's never happened.  I'm constantly running the vacuum.  It's not that much fun.  Speaking of cleaning, we cleaned out the ENTIRE garage.  It took us five days.  It was absolute insanity.  I can't tell you my kitchen table is clean at the moment because I'm trying to jam an entire office into three cabinets.  It's not really going that well.

Okay, so I got all of that off my chest so I'll share some pictures now to make this post more lively.

No makeup selfie...but I did the unthinkable.  I cut my own bangs.  They don't look too shabby.

 Spent a ton of money for each kid to have their own room.  Yet, they apparently don't want their own rooms.

 Didn't buy popsicles so the kids made some out of water.  This was a surprising win.
 Took the kids to Sakura Grill.  They love that place.  It was a lot of fun.
 This hideous frog tried to kill me.  You can see the evil glint in his eye.
Cooking a brisket

 I'm loving having fresh flowers in the house.

 Chile from my garden
Erik takes his wood seriously.  That's what she said hahahaha (sorry too much Office watching)

 JoJo has taken up coffee drinking this summer.
Maddie's millionth terrarium. He has an obsession with them.  He buys all of the plants and makes them.  


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